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  • Let Fairview Valley of the Moon make your dream wedding a reality with our all-inclusive wedding packages! Our wedding packages can be 100% tailored to match your vision and budget. Fairview Valley of the Moon’s wedding packages allow you to plan your wedding quickly and effortlessly, easing the burden of coordinating with multiple vendors. Our wedding packages will help ensure your big day goes off without a hitch!

    With renovated indoor and outdoor space available, we can give you exactly the atmosphere you’re looking for. We can accommodate small weddings of 50 all the way to large weddings of 225 guests. Let’s connect and schedule a tour of our wedding venue with one our planners today!

    Wedding Packages

    Dinner  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔
    Invitations  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔
    DJ & MC  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔
    Congratulations Toast  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔
    Appetizers    ✔  ✔  ✔
    Wine with Dinner    ✔  ✔  ✔
    Centerpieces    ✔  ✔  ✔
    Guest Book    ✔  ✔  ✔
    Hosted Cocktail Hour      ✔  ✔
    Wedding Cake      ✔  ✔
    Foursome of Golf      ✔  ✔
    Celebration Package      ✔  ✔
    Champagne Flutes        ✔
    Hosted Bar        ✔
    Ceremony Floral        ✔

    2024 Pricing

    Sugarloaf Ceremony Fee $1499 $1499 $1499 $1499
    Terrace Ceremony Fee $899 $899 $899 $899
    $/Guest Up To 100 $89 $109 $129 $149
    $/Guest 100+ $79 $99 $119 $139
    Facility Fees
    $/Guest Sat. Evening Nov - Apr $5 $5 $5 $5
    $/Guest Sat. Evening May - Oct $10 $10 $10 $10
    Service Charge 22% 22% 22% 22%
  • Fairview Valley of the Moon is a scenic country club wedding venue located in Santa Rosa, California. This dazzling venue offers rich mountainscapes and verdant surroundings for your special celebration. Our event spaces, all-inclusive wedding packages, and experienced event staff combine to create an unforgettable wedding experience.

  • For that special event in your life, we offer one stop shopping! Our social parties select from our special event packages or can be built a la carte starting with a selection from our food options. Our packages take the worry out of planning and coordination and allow you to focus on having fun. Each package is 100% customizable to best fit your needs.

    $/Guest $40 $45 $55
    Sat. Evening $/Guest $20 $20 $20
    Service Charge 22% 22% 22%
    Tax not included
    Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner  ✔  ✔  ✔
    Appetizers & Dessert 2 included 4 included
    Hosted Cocktail Hour  ✔

    All of our event packages include:

    Plated or Buffet Service | Choice of salad | Chef's choice dessert
    Choice of side | Seasonal vegetables and rolls with butter

    Breakfast options include:

    One style of eggs | One Protein | One baked good
    Classic breakfast potatoes | Fresh fruit

  • Do I have to select one of the packages or can I pick exactly what I want for my wedding?

    Our packages are just starting points for planning your big day. Every package is completely customizable and you can add or subtract to best fit your needs.

    Wedding planners are so expensive – how much is my initial consultation?

    Our consultation is 100% free. We are so confident that our venue, packages and pricing will be a great fit for you that we don’t charge anything to sit down and put together a custom designed wedding plan. Just contact our wedding professionals and schedule your meeting today.

    There are so many questions and I am not even sure what I should be asking, how will I know that if I am missing anything?

    Our staff members are experience wedding planners and their job is to make sure your day is perfect. They are trained to make sure you don’t miss anything and further – our all inclusive packages make this process that much easier!

    Do you have more available than what’s listed in the packages?

    Yes! In fact, we can accommodate just about any request you may have. Our list of add-ons and upgrades is simply too long to list so we prefer to sit down with you and discuss in person at our 100% free consultation.

    I already have a place for my ceremony, do you do receptions only?

    Yes, while we are partial to the view from our ceremony site we understand that many people will get married at another location. We are happy to host just the reception and in fact some people use our location for just the ceremony.

    How long is our event (ceremony & reception)? Can we setup earlier than that?

    Your Ceremony and Reception is 5 ½ hour long. Additional time is available, please inquire with our professional wedding staff for rates and availability. The room and space will be available a minimum of one hour before your event for set up and our staff will be available to assist with your set up needs.

    Can we change any of the amenities in the packages after we have signed the contract?

    Yes, our packages are 100% customizable and may be changed after the contract has been signed. In fact, we expect to work with all of our brides in tailoring the package to ensure all of her dreams are met. There will be a series of planning meetings to go over details and do just this as part of our planning services.

    Do you have facility fees or room fees?

    No, our packages are all-inclusive and do not include additional fees for the room.

    What is included in the 22% service charge?

    This is the fee for set up, take down and clean up as well as basic equipment needs for your event.

  • fairview5Stars 01

    - March, 2024 -

    Lexi and Evelyn were so easy to work with and they helped us execute a perfect wedding! Everything was so fantastic from the venue (booking the Sugarloaf site was the greatest decision ever), the food, the staff, the flowers, the DJ (he was so fantastic) and just everything!!
    – Katie K., married November 2023

    fairview5Stars 01

    - November, 2022 -

    The Sugar Loaf site was beautiful and beyond expectations. The trees, the sky, the fountain all created the perfect setting. Also, we found the wedding packages offered made wedding planning easy.
    – Christine F., daughter married November 2022

    fairview5Stars 01

    - November 2022 -

    Thank you so much for everything you did to make Michael and I's day so special, not only for us, but also for our families, friends, and loved ones. It was an extraordinary day and we made such beautiful memories that we will never forget.
    – Ariana, married November 2022

    fairview5Stars 01

    - September 2022 -

    We were so happy with how everything went. You guys worked so hard, I honestly don’t know how you do it. Your graciousness with all of my questions and your orchestration of the event in total was nothing less than heroic and completely professional.  I can see why you get nothing less than 5 stars and you’ll certainly get that from me.  Many many thanks and you're a rock star in my book!
    – Julie, daughter married September 2022

    fairview5Stars 01

    - July 2022 -

    (Wow, it feels like just last week we were searching venues and fell in love with this one.)

    From beginning to end, we wholly felt that the details of our wedding were being well-thought-out and our opinions were the top priority. We worked primarily with Jordan, and she was very thorough about everything. I asked a million questions throughout the planning months, and she was very great about answering them and being patient every time I changed my mind about something (my now-husband let me make all the decisions). Even the day of the wedding, she made sure that nothing happened without my knowledge. Jordan made sure everyone knew where to be at all times. She helped with putting together all the little details that you wouldn't think of if you haven't planned/put together a wedding before. Through it all, she was very professional and respectful. The best part, though, was how practical and simple she made everything seem! She gave the options, we made the decisions, and we knew it would be done. The venue is BEAUTIFUL, and we chose the best day. The food, drinks, and desserts were DELICIOUS. We had the most fun at our wedding! (The only stressful thing about it was trying to get the families together for pictures.)

    And to top everything off... we planned the entire thing from the other side of the country! Imagine trusting your entire wedding to be done the way you want it without ever meeting the vendors in-person, or seeing the venue, or tasting the food. The fact that this whole thing came together so wonderfully by just trusting Jordan's expertise says a lot! I would definitely recommend Fairview Valley of the Moon to anyone hoping for a gorgeous, simple, and easy wedding! – Lanice, married July 2022
    – Lanice, married July 2022

    fairview5Stars 01

    - May 2022 -

    Beautiful venue and great wedding coordinators! Jordan and Cassie were amazing to work with. They helped us plan the wedding every step of the way. It really alleviated a lot of the stress involved with planning a wedding. Our wedding couldn't have been more perfect, from the ceremony to the sparkler send off and everything in between! Best day ever!!!
    – Groom, married May 2022

    fairview5Stars 01

    - May 2022 -

    Cassie helped us plan our wedding in less than 10 months and I’m convinced there is nothing she cannot do. Every time we met with her, she made us feel like we were her only priority which was shocking and impressive considering how busy she must be.
    – Bride, married May 2022

    fairview5Stars 01

    - April 2022 -

    Highly recommend Fairview Valley of the Moon! They include almost everything you need to make a perfect wedding day. Cassie and her team made everything very easy and smooth in terms of planning details. The grounds are gorgeous and have beautiful spots for wedding photos. Book this venue, you won’t regret!
    – Corrina, married April 22nd, 2022

    fairview5Stars 01

    - April 2022 -

    My wife and I had the best wedding experience here at Fairview Valley of the Moon. Jordan and Cassie were true professionals and provided us guidance every step of the way. We highly recommend this place to any couple looking to get married.
    – Jose, married April 2022

    fairview5Stars 01

    - March 2022 -

    Having a destination wedding can be very nerve-wracking and can be very complicated if you don’t know the city or have someone there helping you. Hiring Cassie Howard and Valley of the Moon for my wedding was easy, hassle-free, smooth, and affordable. They offer several packages and the best package for us was so easy to choose as it had everything we needed without breaking our bank account. The venue was absolutely gorgeous with amazing mountain views and green. The decoration was spot on, the staff was friendly and professional. Cassie made sure everything was done as we had planned it and she went above and beyond to take us to the bridge that I had fallen in love with from the pictures on the website. It happened to be farther away than I had expected. But she made it happen. I highly recommend using Cassie and Valley of the Moon. From an intimate wedding to the wedding of your dreams, I am sure she can get it done for you! 
    – Paula, married March 2022

    fairview5Stars 01

    - February 2022 -

    Perfect venue for a couple that wanted a stress free wedding Both Cassie and Jordan helped make everything stress free. As someone who tries to stay from planning events due to the stress they took care of nearly everything for me! The food was amazing!! Thank you for giving us the perfect wedding. 
    – Erika G., married February 12th, 2022

    fairview5Stars 01

    - November 2021 -

    My daughter got married at Valley of the Moon. Jordan and Cassie made planning a wedding fun and stress-free. The flowers and the cake were gorgeous All of our guests had a good time. I would highly recommend this venue and their staff. 
    – Danielle, daughter married November 2021

    fairview5Stars 01

    - October 25th, 2021 -

    I found this venue off of Wedding Wire, which was really a great time-saver. Keep in mind there is a Valley of the Moon Winery and a Valley of the Moon Golf Club, if you want a wedding venue for about 100 people choose the Fairview Valley of the Moon Golf Club! We made the mistake of getting the 2 mixed up, and on the day of our meeting with the wedding coordinator at Valley of the Moon Golf Club, we found out we were at the wrong location, we went to the winery and the Golf Club is approximately 30 more minutes away. Luckily we arrived earlier for what we thought was the correct spot, but actually wasn’t, and ended up being a few minutes late for our meeting at Valley of the Moon Golf Club. Luckily, Cassie, the wedding coordinator, was extremely understanding. Already a great sign to us that we were going in the right direction of choosing our venue, because we have a patient person to work with.
    We had the most amazing experience at Fairview Valley of the Moon, thanks to Cassie, our Wedding Coordinator and the package choice we picked. Cassie was very well-experienced in wedding planning, as she was able to help us navigate through the wedding planning process as smoothly as possible. We were able to plan a full wedding with a maximum headcount of 100 people in just 1 1/2 months because of Cassie’s help, and a lot of great family and friends who had a lot of experience also being in weddings in the past. What we loved most about Fairview Valley of the Moon is it’s a one-stop-shop, you don’t have to contact any vendors it’s all coordinated by your wedding coordinator, all you have to do is secure your wedding date, pick your wedding package(these are really flexible btw), sign your contract then choose your food selection, possible drink selection, cake choice, and floral choice. The DJ is also included, and did a great job keeping our guests on the dance floor. Cassie was extremely responsive anytime we had questions, and if she was off her colleague, Jordan, assisted as best as she could to answer any questions we had. All of our guests shared how fantastic a time they had. People enjoyed the intimacy, food and drinks and kindness that was shown by all the staff. Also, I wanted to share our wedding ceremony was originally supposed to outside on the golf course, but due to the rain it was moved to the reception area, and the room was re-formatted to fit the ceremony AND reception. It was still amazing, although not what was originally planned. Our guests still felt as though they were outside because of the wide windows in the reception area, and everyone was able to stay dry and comfy inside. I would recommend Fairview Valley of the Moon to anyone wanting to get married on the practical side, and still wanting a beautiful and memorable wedding
    - Sacha Javier, married October 21st, 2021

    fairview5Stars 01

    - August 14th, 2021 -

    The venue was completely renewed when we booked it! Fairview is a one-stop-shop that does it all for you! Victoria & Cassie made wedding planning not just stress free but also fun! The power duo took care of everything so I don't have to coordinate with vendors. They work with local florist & provides the wedding cake service; they provide tables & chairs & linens & center pieces & even table numbers. There is a wonderful selection of booze all night long that our guests have loved. Not to mention the crowd favorite: delicious hors d'oeuvre being passed around at cocktail hour. Finally, a buffet dinner with prime rib / chicken / salmon / veggies to cap the night off. They helped me make my dream come true and I can't say enough nice things about them. I've been raving about this venue to all my friends. The guests took amazing pictures at the venue because the back drop of Santa Rosa mountains are drop dead gorgeous. This is the place that I'll remember for years to come and might have to visit again for reunions / anniversaries haha! It's fair to say that the best choice I made in my wedding planning was to go with Fairview Valley of the Moon.

    - Chloe W., married August 14th, 2021

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