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Wedding Packages

Let Fairview Sonoma County make your dream wedding a reality with our all-inclusive wedding packages! Our wedding packages can be 100% tailored to match your vision and budget. Fairview Sonoma County’s wedding packages allow you to plan your wedding quickly and effortlessly, easing the burden of coordinating with multiple vendors. Our wedding packages will help ensure your big day goes off without a hitch!

With outdoor and indoor space available, we can give you exactly the atmosphere you’re looking for. We can accommodate small weddings of 40 all the way to large weddings of 280 guests. Let’s connect and schedule a tour of our wedding venue with one our planners today!
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200 Gazebo Arr
Kidder Wedding 1499
200 Price Option
Kidder Wedding 1961
Kidder Wedding 1461
100 Option
100 Tall Option With 3 Vases
500 Ceremony Option
Kidder Wedding 1471
50 Centerpiece
50 Submerged Option
Kidder Wedding 1974
Kidder Wedding 1419
75 Option
Kidder Wedding 2036
75 Tall Option
Bridal Party
Kidder Wedding 1442
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