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- August 8th, 2019 -

"We just had our wedding at Fairview Napa, and it was an incredible experience. The entire team there was supportive and helpful throughout the entire process. We had a very specific theme for our wedding and wanted it to come alive and they were behind us 100%. The actual day of the wedding went by pretty much without a single hiccup. Halfway through the reception we were ahead of schedule, which after being a part of several weddings I realize basically never happens. All our guests loved the food, DJ, and entertainment.

I'd highly recommend Fairview Napa for anyone looking for a beautiful Napa Wedding. Thanks to Christina, Taylor, Paige, Lilly and the rest of the team at Fairview for making it the most memorable day of our lives"

George Wang

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- April 15th, 2019 -

"We just got married here on 03/30/3019, and it was truly an amazing experience! The ceremony space is even more gorgeous in person. We got so many compliments on it. We worked with Paige for several months leading up to the wedding and she was always so helpful and patient with me! She really was awesome and easy to work with and made sure all of my little details were just right. We worked with Lilly during the rehearsal and the day of the wedding. She coordinated everything perfectly and is probably one of the nicest people I've ever met/worked with. 

All the Fairview vendors that we worked with were absolutely amazing as well. Everyone was so nice and easy to work with. The flowers, especially, turned out gorgeous and exceeded my expectations. Andrew at Garaventa's is the way to go! The cake from Sweetie Pie's was delicious, and they were able to easily accommodate our unusual flavor request (strawberry - it's my husband's favorite). The DJ was so so nice, and even made a super last-minute change for us regarding the first dance, which we really appreciated. Everyone really seemed to have a lot of fun! Richard Wood, the photographer, was so great and so so easy to work with! He made sure we got tons of amazing photos and really helped me out with the wedding day schedule and helped keep me on time. I can't recommend the Fairview vendors enough.

Honestly, everything goes exactly how you think it will. Paige talks you through everything so well. Also, the pricing just can't be beat in Napa. Everything is very clearly laid out for you, so you know exactly what you are getting and what you are paying for. Fairview really made my Napa wedding dreams come true (this was a destination wedding for us)! I truly wish I could go back and do it all over again. I wouldn't change one thing!"

Kristanya M.

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- April 24th, 2019 -

"We wanted a Wine Country wedding but did not want to pay the Wine Country price. After getting discouraged about the high prices of venues in the Napa area, we came across Fairview Napa online and decided to schedule a site visit. We fell in love! With the venue and the price. We initially started working with Bri, who a few short weeks after we booked moved on to another opportunity. However, we were introduced to Paige and Lily who were just as great. They made the wedding planning process as stress free as possible. They were on top of the timeline making sure that we were meeting with vendors and helping to sort out every last detail for wedding day. On the day of the wedding, we were in awe by the way the ladies set up the decorations we provided. They truly made it beautiful! Not to mention they were both there making sure that everything ran smoothly. Thank you, Paige, Lily and Fairview Napa staff for making our wedding a true fairy tale! We wish we could re live the day over and over."

Lauren B

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-October 28, 2018-

"I would HIGHLY recommend Fairview Napa. It was the PREFECT venue for our wedding. When we first started looking for venues we knew two things, we didn’t want to spend too much money and we wanted a one-stop-shop. This is exactly why Fairview was perfect. They are able to cater to a wide range of budgets to meet your needs. They had a built in wedding planner that already had a DJ, cater, florist and baker on list. This took soooo much stress out of the planning. They had a calendar for us and made sure that we provide them with all the information they needed to make our day prefect. We just had to get any extra decorations we wanted. They also set up all of favors, escort cards and wedding favors. We just had to drop everything off the day before. Believe me ladies, the last thing you want to do the day before your wedding is setting out favors or holding cards. I didn’t have to lift a finger. THANK YOU LILLY!!"



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-October 1, 2018-

"Honestly, our wedding day was absolutely perfect! Paige, you are a complete rock star, thank you for everything! You, Lilly, and Brittany did such an amazing job, everything was beautiful and just how I imagined my day to be! You prepared me for the day and got me through the day, I thank you for that :) Loved having the vendors through you guys, made it all so much more simple and easy! You guys made MY (Our, lol) day simply AMAZING! I will tell everyone about you, so beautiful on top of everything!!"

Lauren M.


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-July 17, 2018-

"We had a fantastic experience getting married at Fairview Napa in June! The ceremony site is beautiful as is the outdoor reception area. We had 81 people at our wedding and it was the perfect size without feeling too cramped or with too much open space. Paige and Lilly were great to work with and very helpful! I loved that this was an all-inclusive venue and all of the vendors were top-notched. We received so many compliments on the service, DJ, cake, and the flowers turned out amazing. I highly recommend this location!"

Kimberly S.

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-March 4, 2018-

"My husband and I had our wedding here early this March. I can't say nothing but nice things about the people and services. We initially booked with Bri. And continue our services with Paige and Lilly.
They were super helpful with every question i had about planning my wedding. They were even able to help us with the Ministry services and DJ last
Minute. When the people we initially thought of didn't come thru for us like we had hoped. Steve our minister was amazing! He did such a great job. Everyone at our wedding gave us compliments of our ceremony. If you pick anyone of their vendors their ministry will not disappoint you. As well as the bakery for our cake from sweetie pies. We worked with Applejoy and she did amazing job on our Naked cake which is really popular right now.  We saved a ton of money on the cake which would have been a lot if we choose a different vendor. Also, they decorated your reception exactly how you want it to look. They did amazing job at my reception. I wish they would post pictures of my reception Paige did amazing job for my welcome table it was so beautiful. We are so please we decided to go thru Fairview they made our wedding as stress free as it can get."

Paula H.

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-January 4, 2018-

"My wife and I had our wedding here on December 8th. We honestly couldn't have had a better experience. Their packages are all inclusive, so it makes everything so much easier by not having to deal with all the different vendors.
The wedding planners we dealt with (Elise, Bri, Lilly, Paige) were all exceptional. They made us feel like our event was a huge deal even though they do weddings nearly every weekend. Any questions we had, they were able to answer with ease and make us feel comfortable with everything that was going on. They really have this thing down.
The food was awesome. We had the Chicken Piccata, Tri Tip and Turkey carving station.  All of them as well as the other sides, were delicious. The banquet and bar staff are top notch. They walk you through the entire night and make sure you're on schedule and have plenty of time to party. The DJ we were given, Noel, is THE MAN! We had a blast.
The ceremony site is exactly what we were looking for. And makes for an incredible sunset in the background if you can catch it at the right time. 
We were so happy we chose to do our wedding here and we'd give it 10 stars if we could!"

Jason M.

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